With about 400 episodes of network television to her credit, the talents of Marsha Posner Williams have garnered her two prime time Emmy awards and three Golden Globes. Marsha’s most notable series include The Golden Girls, Soap, Benson, Hail to the Chief, Amen and Night Court. These major hit series provided a track record of excellence covering all areas of production.

Williams has also produced information and training videos as well as public service announcements for many different departments within the United States Government. An anti-terrorism advertising campaign produced by Williams for the State Department resulted in the government’s capturing of major overseas terrorists.

Other agencies supported by Williams produced projects include motivational films for the U.S. Treasury Department in support of the sales of U.S. Savings Bonds, videos for the FAA, the United States Postal Service, a preservation film for the Bureau of Land Management and a promotional short with the series, “The Parkers” for educational outreach use among African American youth at risk of HIV/AIDS.

Independent productions have rounded out her career. Marsha co-authored a humor book called “How To Get Even With Your Ex,” and produced seven personal fitness videos for learning Yoga and Pilates. Williams has expanded her talents as a budget conscious and creative television Producer, and also Produced three short films that have all won various awards on the festival circuit.

Having worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, Marsha is often called upon to share her knowledge at Colleges and Universities as a motivational speaker, where her vast experience in dealing with issues covering all areas of the television production world are becoming more and more valuable.